Sinister Performance, LLC. Custom Chip / ECM / PCM Reprogramming & Tuning. For most GM Cars and Trucks (EFI only & for off-road-use only applications). We are dedicated to tuning your vehicle's engine computer to attain maximum performance and the best drivability possible while keeping the powertrain reliable.GM Engines 12530283 - Vortec HD 350 L31 New Crate Engine ... The Vortec HD version 350 uses a 4-Bolt main block, upgraded exhaust valves and cylinder heads for heavy duty applications. This engine is not intended for marine usage. This engine features new components, brand new complete long block engine backed by a limited 3-year, 100,000 mile ...The L31 Vortec 350 that was installed in all GM half ton trucks (Pick-ups, Tahoes, Suburbans, Vans) put out 255 hp and 330 lb-ft. Whoever told you 430-450 ftlb of torque was off by 100 lb-ft. 600 lb-ft is possible but very expensive with a small block.vortec heads on a 305. This is a discussion on vortec heads on a 305 within the Classic Muscle forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; my buddy is throwin together a 305 probly gonna be bored .030 over. can he run some vortec heads and ...The Vortec intake LOOKS like a "barrel ram" intake, but it's not. Under the plastic upper, which it just a plenum, is a cross ram intake lower, but w/port injection. We removed the MPFI intake and injection and installed the CFI in it's place. What CFI-EFI got out of the deal was: *Great flowing Vortec heads *4 bolt mains *PM rods After setting timing at 35 degrees, we made a couple of pulls to check jetting, and were rewarded with as-advertised horsepower and torque numbers (355 hp, 405 lb-ft). Satisfied, we yanked the L98s, and hauled the iron Vortec heads to the dyno cell. The Vortec cylinder head is the sleeper in the bunch.Dart Introduces New Big M2 and Little M2 Applications and Updated Part Numbers! The popular Dart Big M2 and Little M2… 350 chevrolet vortec. engine intake manifold & carburettor package. this package includes only quality parts and brand names. remanufactured 600 cfm holley carburettor, vacuum secondary, square bore. with manual choke. new weiand stealth intake manifold with. power band 1500-6700 rpm. new carburettor gaskets, mounting studs & nuts All Products by CXRACING are solely for Competition Vehicles(race vehicles) that are for Off-Road, Track Racing ONLY. All parts are for used on a vehicle that will NEVER be used, or licensed, or registered for use upon a street and highway. 377 = 4.155" x 3.48" (5.7" or 6.00" rod)400 block and a 350 crank with "spacer" main bearings 383 = 4.030" x 3.76" (5.565" or 5.7" or 6.0" rod) (350 block and a 400 crank, main bearing crank journals cut to 350 size) My question is really whether the stock Vortec heads with a cam lift under .450 will make 300-350 HP with 9.5 CR, RPM Performer intake, Quadrajet carb and block hugger headers. Since I can't seem to find standard Vortec heads in any of the dyno lists I'm guessing they are not a good option unless modified. Correct?ATK HP74 Chevy 350 Vortec Base Engine 315HP, Call 866-721-2315 to Speak with an ATK Crate Engine Specialist ... We test this engine with an aftermarket EFI system on an engine dyno, power ratings may vary. Your engine may not necessarily come with all components listed, but they are listed as our recommendations of parts to run for optimal ...Head gasket thickness will make a few points difference. If so, post up the numbers and I'll run them through the program for you. My 350 built with 9.75 CR using .015" steel shim head gaskets and slightly modified 906 Vortec heads, came out to 375 HP/425 TQ. So you should be somewhere around there as your cam is similar. The 350 Vortec engine produces awesome power when used . with a performance Intake and Carburetor. This engine is not . intended as a replacement engine for EFI but as an upgrade to older model applications. All of our custom built GM 350 Vortec Crate engines are fully BluePrinted and Balanced . We use all the best components.Nov 29, 2008 · Choosing a Hydraulic flat tappet cam for vortec 350 Hi Everyone, I'm pretty new to this forum and being a chevy owner (mopars 25 years ago) I am building my first engine. it's meant for fun on the street and maybe a drag race here and there. I have a '84 350 .020 over. '96 Vortec heads 2.02 / 1.60 valves & ported How to Build a 400 Horse Chevy Small Block 350 ... These heads---produced for the late 1990's 5.7L Vortec engine---have airflow characteristics that are better than even heavily modified, early GM castings and can support over 400 horsepower with careful intake/carburetor and camshaft selection. If selecting an aftermarket head, avoid choosing ...Chevy 383 Vortec 390HP Stroker Engine 350 456ftlbs. THIS ENGINE HAS THE FOLLOWING: Block GM 2-bolt 1 PC rear main seal. Crankshaft Scat steel 383 crankshaft. Connecting rods GM 3.750 w/ARP 150,000 bolts. Pistons Speed Pro Hypereutectic flat top 9.5:1 comp ratio. Piston rings Mahle plasma moly piston rings. Tinder photo aspect ratio 2019I downloaded Comp Cams software (a proprietary desktop dyno) and it actually reccomended the cam I selected (gen 1 motors can run an LT-1 cam, they still have the distributor drive gear on the rear of the cam). Their software indicated something like 420 pounds of torque (stock Vortec is 330) and 380 horse (stock Vortec is 260).Having seen many 350 vortec headed dyno numbers, I have no doubt it COULD make those numbers. A dyno isn't a real world situation though. The basis of the build is a 9.4:1 vortec headed 350, in my case 9.6:1 355, Air gap intake, 1.6 roller tip rockers, XE262H cam and 750 carb. Nothing exciting. You're right about their published numbers though.Feb 16, 2020 · the 305 is a excellent engine but it has 2 issues against it. small bore which hinders using heads from a 350 and cubic inches. although it has the same stroke and bottom end as a 350 its under 4 inch bore is a killer. that stops it from making bi... What Years Were Chevrolet Vortec Engines Made? Chevrolet made Vortec engines beginning in 1986, and as of 2014, these engines are still available. However, General Motors is creating products under the Vortec name now. The first Vortec engine in 1986 was a V-6, 4.3 liter engine. These used the Vortex technology that resulted in a vortex within ...#1---Head Flow Charts & Comparisons : 12/23/2019: There are enough flow numbers on our website to keep everyone busy for a while. The numbers are from our in-house flow bench. We now have a SAENZ model 680 flow bench which we all enjoy using. It has all the bells and whistles and even gives us information that we didn't even ask for. SBC 350 to 360 CID Vortec 185/205 GM Fast-Burn Head max power 6000-6200 rpm Peak Torque 3600-3800. Aggressive idle and throttle response. This cam is for the guy wanting neck snapping power from stop light to stop light. 1 5/8" headers work best but RAM Horn manifolds can be used. A 2400 stall will work the best with this cam.Crate Engine Depot - Chevrolet Performance Parts and Engines for sale. Chevy performance parts, Accessories, and crate engines for sale. replacement enginesRead the tech article on a Budget Vortec Head Cam 355 Build, brought to you by the experts at Chevy High Performance Magazine.383 Chevy Stroker Turn-Key Crate Engine With 500 HP. ... Have your new crate engine Dyno tested! ... Add $350. GM Performance Black Crinkle Kit ... TPIS MiniRam (383cid) intake vs Holley StealthRam (350cid) This test compares my 383cid motor with a TPIS MiniRam intake, with a Holley StealthRam (HSR) when it was on my ZZ4 (350cid) motor.. The old engine was a ZZ4 crate motor, AFR190 heads, LT4 HOT cam, and SLP 1-3/4" SS headers.Marine Power 5.7L EFI Vortec Dyno-Boost fuel injection remap is designed to maximize the engine performance potential of your stock engine. Blow those sluggish factory settings away with this Magnum Marine Power 5.7L EFI Vortec performance chip.Re: Let's hear about your DYNO PROVEN power combos This was a fun one.... Small block Chevy, 304" endurance engine Bore & stroke 4.02 x 3.00 (max class displacment 305.99)Not only is this engine package easy to build, but by using all readily available components it makes building this attention-grabbing stroker basically the same cost as a well appointed 350. The key is Dart's outstanding SHP Chevy block and a set of innovative connecting rods from Callies.TBI Supercharger Kits,GM TBI SB & BB Supercharger Kits, Note: If you have 1995 GM TBI with a Black Box ECM under hood It can not be chipped The newly redesigned Vortec cylinder heads were intended to replace the swirl-port Throttle Body Injection heads that were previously used on GM 350 trucks. What got the power merchants attention was the increase in horsepower from 200 to 255 solely based on the power generated by these heads.I have a 1999 chevy 454 vortec motor and would like to take the fuel injection off and put a carb on it. What intake - Answered by a verified GM Mechanic. ... I have the upper intake manifold loose on my '97 Gmc pickup with a 350 vortec engine, fuel injected 5.7. It won't come off easily!Speed Secrets: Making Easy 350 SBC Power with Vortec Heads! Richard Holdener with Speed Secrets has paired up with Comp Cams to showcase some very wild builds over the years. A good portion of which required a fair amount of funding to accomplish, but a decent amount of horsepower gains doesn’t have to break the bank or leave your wallet empty. Dyno Graphs. Xtreme Energy Camshaft™ Dyno Results Xtreme Energy Cams™ bridge the gap between Magnum street cams and race only cams. Xtreme Energy Cams™ provide increased torque, vacuum, response, and power while still providing quiet operation of the valve train and the durability required in daily driven vehicles.Vortec 5.3, & 6.0 Turnkey Engines ... We are now offering to process your engine and custom dyno tune it for an additional $350 ... BD TURNKEY ENGINES are GM GENIII ... Although those hurdles can be cleared, World Products is now offering an alternative with its own version of the Vortec that addresses the aforementioned issues while also providing added benefits. First of all, the World Products head is aluminum, rather than cast iron like stock Vortec heads. 4.3L Vortec + 1 Cam = 42 Extra Horsepower ... In part two, we'll hook up the ECM in the truck and run a chassis dyno to give you a more complete picture of your options in a 4.3L package.High Output Alternators built right in the USA. We also have parts, upgrades, kits, marine and industrial units, guides, instructions, and more. You asked for it so we did it! A Ported GM Throttle Body for the '96+ Vortec Truck 5.0/5.7 engines. These Vortec Ported Throttle Bodies also feature our High Flow Throttle Blade, thinned throttle shafts and butto Check out these First Generation 1996-1998 GM Vortec fuel-injected 350 Engine Power Upgrades, including exhaust, throttle body, and more, at Sport Truck Magazine. ... The stock dyno pulls averaged ...Formerly GM Goodwrench, this Genuine GM Parts Replacement Engine long block 350 replacement engine was created as a drop-in replacement for 1996-2002 Chevy/GMC 1/2-ton and 3/4-ton applications. Features new components inside a brand new complete long block engine backed by a limited 3-year/100,000 mile GM warranty when installed into original GM application. This GM Replacement Crate Engine is ... I'm not saying the 350 is a superior engine but there's no downside to running it. Both engines are great. They shine in different areas. It's delusional to think a properly maintained 350 won't last as long as a gen 3 motor. Who here has gone over 250k on a 5.3l/lq/vortec/sbc? Most people will change something by then anyway. What do you think? (See note from dyno-sym output at end of this post) Some of these are based on my own spreadsheet calcs. 89 350 block w/ roller lifters 3.48 stroke 4.020 bore Deck 9.013 Piston pin to top 1.561 Piston to Deck .012 Head Gasket GM 14096405, compressed height 0.028" Quench 0.040 Vortec Heads 64.0cc (after milling) w/26915 ...Latin spotify playlist submissionThe 2011 Vortex Electric Supercharger is now a 950+ WATT, axial-flow compressor that blasts out 5.0 PSI of thrust at 1000 cfm! No competitor even comes close. Our product is state of the art, custom manufactured from the highest grade parts. CHEVY 350 BLOCK, 383 CI STROKER KIT ... This includes first generation swirl vortec iron heads. *Additional cost is dependent upon your VIN number and Alpha Number code (A, B, C, or D) on your computer chip. ... We are in the process of dyno testing this engine! One of our new upgrades - please remember we are one of the few in the country that ...If the manifold is used on a 1996 and later Vortec engine that does not have the in-block bypass passage, you must route a thermostat bypass hose from the water bypass port on the front of the manifold to the 5/8” hose nipple on the passenger side of the Vortec water pump. Use a 3/8” pipe to 5/8” Texas Speed & Performance is your one-stop shop for all LS and Gen 5 LT1 & LT4 performance parts and engines! We are among the largest LS and Gen 5 LT1/LT4-specific shops in the country, and we machine and assemble all of our engines, camshafts, and Precision Race Components cylinder heads in house! Ask to see a video of the latest dyno test of one these engines! Note: Engine will be broken-in and dyno tested using proper break-in oil. This engine is designed to be driven all week on pump gas and then cruised all weekend without any hassles. In the continuing saga of our Goodwrench budget 350, we're now approaching serious horsepower. Because we know how you think, you've already skipped to the dyno charts, so it's no surprise to tell you we've made 384 hp and an impressive 401 lb-ft of torque all below 6,000 rpm. But this information doesn't do much good unless you know how we did it.Optus unlock